Outsource Your Web Development Work

If you are in charge of your company’s website, you will often come across situations, where you will have to decide, whether you need a full time web developer or outsource your work to a web development company. For the most part, the decision to outsource or create an in-house development will not be down to you. We have formulated an article to help you compare your choices in a better manner.

In-House Team

There are several benefits attached, if you use your own in-house development team. To begin with, your internal team always remains very cost effective for all long-term projects. Besides, they can also help in ongoing maintenance. Since the in-house teams are already aware about the business objectives, they can better identify the target audience as compared to the external web development companies. Just because the in-house teams are handling only one company at a time, they have proven to be more responsive than other companies.

Offshore Web Development Company

Outsourcing is best suited for short-term projects where one can prevent the expenses of training, hiring and equipments. An offshore web development company can bring a fresh perspective to any project. With their technological expertise, offshore professionals are in pace with the most recent trends in the world of design and development. Considering the amount of competition in the market, an offshore web development company brings in different innovations in order to gain an edge in the market. This ensures high-quality work.

How Do You Choose?

Based on the situation, you could choose either of the approaches. However, before you make a decision, you must consider the available funding along with the length of the project. If you have a website that needs constant improvements or maintenance on a regular basis, then it would be suggestive to choose an in-house team. At the same time, having an in-house team can be expensive. Simply put, there would be some initial costs involved such as recruitment, training and infrastructure. For short-term projects, the cost savings and the benefits outweigh the ease of any in-house team. These days, successful online companies combine both these approaches in order to make the most out of their businesses.

For an instance, the in-house staff could handle the ongoing improvements, whereas the offshore companies could be used for other development work. Conversely, you can get the in-house team to do the development work whereas the external agencies could be used for specialized jobs such as user testing or search engine optimization. Online companies prefer the hybrid approach, since it integrates the strengths of both, the external company as well as the in-house team.

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Mobile Loyalty Programs – The Seven Advantages Of Having A Loyalty Card App

Mobile loyalty programs are great for getting customers to return to you, and make further purchases. Even small businesses can develop their own mobile apps, affordably, to retain and engage with customers. A loyalty program will further enhance the capabilities of, and rewards of having a business app, and it is a practical way to interact and serve with your customers.

Why mobile apps are awesome

mobile loyalty appMobile apps help people communicate and work on the go. We are living in a digital age, but also an age where people move around a lot – from work to school to socialisation. Mobile phones are not just about making phone calls any more, and there are also many new mobile devices, including tablets and PDAs that utilise the technology of apps.

Mobile apps, including loyalty card apps, are all about customer service. They should be developed to help people, and make them want to use them. If you are in a business and you are considering developing your own app, then you will want to choose one that is rich with features that assist and excite your users. Mobile apps are not just about direct marketing, but they are about helping people through offering a product that users actually want to use.

mobile loyalty program

The seven advantages of having a loyalty card app

Loyalty card apps have a distinct function. One of the dilemmas of developing a mobile app, is deciding how to make it functional and useful. Loyalty card apps are very useful and users will know exactly what they can do with them.
Your customers will keep returning. In business you don’t need to make one sale, but you need to make many. A loyalty card app will get your customers returning to you for more, time and again, which means more sales for you.
Simplicity. A loyalty card app has a great function, but it is also simple. You can develop apps that reward your customers for making purchases, and this makes everyone happy, including the customers. Things don’t need to get complicated.
Mobile apps are fun to use. There is something exciting about technology, and mobile app users enjoy the novelty of using an app to do something, like make a purchase. When you develop an app for your business, you are giving your customers an enjoyable experience.
Convenience. Paper loyalty cards get lost and damaged. They fall to the bottom of bags and get hidden behind other cards in purses and wallets. A mobile app is always there, because people look after their mobile phones and always have them with them.
Your business will appear to be technologically progressive. If you want to stand out from the crowd, then you should develop an app for your business. Your customers will see you as being progressive, innovative and ahead of the times, especially if you are a small business.
An easy concept to understand. Even people who don’t use apps very often will be attracted to a loyalty card app, because they will understand the function and purpose of the app. They will think, ‘hey, I know how that works’, and will be willing to use it, because the concept is already familiar to them.
Consider developing a mobile app for your business, that has a loyalty card program attached. This is perfect for cafes, coffee shops and restaurants, but it can also extend to other businesses that want to encourage repeat business from their clients.

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Hair and Beauty Salon Mobile Apps

You’re experts in making people look more beautiful. Wouldn’t it be great if making your sales figures look beautiful was just as easy? Television and radio advertising is prohibitively expensive, and it screams Twentieth Century. There’s a better, more efficient, more exciting way to reach your target customers. Mobile apps can turn your hidden potential into a fantastic reality. There’s never been a better time to transform your marketing solution.

We make mobile apps that are tailored for beauty and hair salons. There’s a huge range of features to choose from, that your clientèle will love. They can book a haircut or beauty treatment directly via the Appointment Form feature, and you can reward them with virtual coupons that build up brand loyalty.

Here’s a great idea: run a competition where your customer take a selfie of themselves with their new haircut. People on Facebook can vote on it, and the winner gets a free treatment. It’s viral advertising through the social media channels that everybody loves. With the tap of a screen, people can be telling the whole world how much they love your salon on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and more.

You can also use the mobile app’s Camera Gallery feature to allow customers to browse through the hair cuts that are available, or to watch videos of the beauty treatments on offer. It’s much more effective than a boring old price list. Videos can be placed onto YouTube, where they can be seen by an unlimited number of people, all of whom are potential clients.

That’s the best thing of all about having a dedicated app for your beauty or hair salon. It shows that you’re up to date with the latest trends and fashions. And, after all, isn’t that exactly what your customers want? Mobile apps are fun, fresh and interactive. Can you say the same about a flyer printed on a piece of paper? Contact us today, and find out how our salon mobile apps can help your business grow. We can make your salon’s future look better than ever.

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3 Apps That Busy CEOs Shouldn’t Leave Home Without

For some people, the smartphone can be a time waster, a tool for social networking or playing Candy Crush. But for many small business owners on the go, it’s an essential tool for keeping track of tasks and getting from point A to B.

We recently spoke with Roman Stanek, the CEO of big data analytics company Good Data, who was briefly in New York with a packed schedule of meetings with potential clients and journalists. For him, tools on his smartphone are essential for staying productive during a busy day.

He shared the following three apps that help him stay on task and on time:


“When I travel, I forward all of my reservations to Tripit,” Stanek says. “So anything I get from hotels, rental cars, airlines and so on, I get from Tripit. They parse it and build an itinerary for you, so I don’t need to enter anything. All I need to do is forward them my Virgin email. It’s amazing.”

It means no flipping between emails, or tasking an assistant with hours spent copying and pasting things into an email. The app is available for free or as a paid service, which includes mobile alerts about gate changes and flight delays.


“Tempo is now my main app if I have a busy day in New York,” Stanek says. “I see what meetings I have, it goes through my LinkedIn, my calendar, and my email, and it collects all of the information about a meeting in one place. I can look at it and know where I need to go, who’s going to be there, see my notes — all the important stuff.”

From Tempo, you can jump to a company’s website, get directions, and if you have a conference call scheduled, see the dial-in number and passcode.


“I’m a big fan of Evernote. Anything that I see that’s kind of interesting I always put it in Evernote,” Stanek says. “I’m not saying that I’m actually going to read it all, but when I get on an airplane I have it synchronized on my iPad, and I can go through many things that I typically don’t manage to get through during the day.”

In Stanek’s down time, he uses Evernote to keep on top of trends in the industry and to help him think about the company’s long-term strategy.

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Coaching and Education Mobile Apps

As a personal coach your job is to make life better for your clients. Whether you’re a personal trainer, life coach, or business coach, your customers are going to see a real change in their life. Do you want to see a real change in your life as well? Having your own mobile app can make your life better by drawing more customers to your great service.

Smart phone technology is transforming the world about us, it’s making a difference to how we communicate, and how we find and then use services. If you’re not taking advantage of this smart phone revolution, then you’ll be left behind by coaches who are.

When you have a mobile app, your clients will be able to interact with you on a whole new level. Emails can drop into the trash can without being looked at, when you send a message via your app it’s sure to make an impression. You can include motivational videos that your clients can access whenever they need a little extra encouragement. You can even include online tutorials, or a list of recommended reading before the next appointment.

Here’s a great idea. Why not reward your clients for recommending your service to others? Don’t give them an underwhelming coupon, send them a fantastic looking e-coupon via your mobile app. They won’t just be telling one friend about your service, with a click of a button they’ll be raving about your coaching to hundreds, maybe thousands, of online friends.

You’ll know how much your customers love social media. Your mobile app will turn that to your advantage. They hang out in online forums and groups that are related to the services you offer. Using the app they’ll be able to post a positive review directly to these groups. It’s so much better than broad based hit-and-miss marketing, it’s social marketing that goes directly to the very people who have an interest in the service you provide.

The Twenty-first Century is changing by the day, and bringing fantastic opportunities to those who reach out and grab them. A bespoke and beautiful mobile app won’t just put you level with your competitors, it will put you ahead of them. Contact our team today, don’t let the moment get away.

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Tips to Organize Your iPhone Apps

iphone appsKeeping your ‘digital life’ organized can help you in the long run and make your work a lot more efficient. Owning an iPhone isn’t enough. An iPhone is defined by the apps you keep in it and how well organized they are. Here is a list of tips to keep your iPhone apps organized and orderly so that next time you don’t have to frantically search for the Maps App in the middle of the street.

#1: Action Categorization

Now this is the most important part of the organizing table. Keep all the apps with similar functions or apps dealing with similar actions in the same folder. Like you can keep Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Snapchat in the same folder. Then you could keep all your photography related apps like Instagram and Google Photos in the same folder.

#2: Color Coding

If you are attracted to visual organization, color coding your apps can be very effective. Like Snapchat has a yellow icon and the Facebook icon is predominantly blue. So you could keep your Snapchat near Apple Maps and your Facebook app alongside Twitter. This is what color combination is all about.

#3: Using the Hotspots

Hotspots are areas of the phone you touch frequently. The Home button and the App dock are together referred to as the hotspots. They are places very close together for adding efficiency to the work. Using these hotspots effectively can make your iPhone usage a lot more fluid.

#4: Frequency of Use

There are certain apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter that you visit every day. These apps can be better organized if you arrange them properly. Consider the apps you use every day, place these apps on the home screen so that you don’t have to go out searching for them every time. Now swipe left if you’re left handed and right if you are right handed. Place the apps you use maybe every two days here. Apps like Instagram, Maps, Music player etc.

#5: Rows with Themes

Now this is an interesting feature iPhone users can resort to when organizing their apps. Remember School Theme parties? People got to wear various outfits depending on their theme. Now you can relive that memory through your IOS system. You can arrange all your photography themed apps in a single row, your social media apps in another single row. This makes life a lot easier and you don’t have to search for that little blue icon for 1 whole minute.

Follow these steps and your iPhone will become a part of your body metabolism.

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